Age & Beauty Vol. One

Released at: October 10, 2019 by Adult Time
Adult Time proudly presents Age & Beauty . . . the experience of Older Women. Roberts (Justin Hunt) eyes are drawn to the woman, entranced by the vision of beauty, wisdom, and grace before him. The mature woman, Nina Hartley, is basked in the golden glow of the sunset behind her, standing tall as a confident, powerful woman. One day, Elizabeth's (Syren De Mer) life takes an exciting and sensual turn when Nicholas (Michael Swayze) finally proposes that they meet up for coffee. Her dream of seeing him face-to-face is about to come true, and she can't wait. After thinking she would be fired, Darla Crane is absolutely delighted when her new boss, Seth Gambles, gives her a special gift. His fleeting touch, the close proximity of their bodies, and the adrenalin still pumping from her fear of being fired, all adds up to a charged moment.

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