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Uploaded by Luke Hardy XXX
on May 30, 2022
Luke Hardy XXX
Sexy, dark-haired trim-bodied Emma sent in an application video to be a prestigious Command-ho. After Luke puts her through physical tests he throws her a camoflauge uni to put on. After some sexy pushups Emma lies on the bed diddling her shaved snatch. As she's getting more and more aroused Commander Luke steps in to offer his cannon. Emma takes his whole shaft to his balls before she climbs aboard his vessel and feels every part of his size fully deep. Luke goes in behind enemy lines and plows her backside with his cruiser. Spoon gives way to reverse cowgirl where she gets her peach split in two by his rigid pumps. After Luke goes on a ho-vert missionary she strokes his steed and gets a chest full of splooge. Emma proves she is a bonafide Command-ho!