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Uploaded by Karups
on June 2, 2022
Dakota was running behind and hadn’t pitched in to pay her part of the electric bill, so her roommate unplugged her phone charger and told her she needed to come up with a way to get this problem taken care of. The sexy redhead with short hair had an idea how she might convince him to plug her charger back in. Pulling her shirt off, she showed him her small, perky tits then took the bribery to a new level when she pulled his fat cock out and gave him some fantastic head, even sucking his balls. When he agreed to give her free Wi-Fi, she got naked, got on top, and impaled herself on his hard dick. Her shaved pussy came as she slammed herself down on him and he rubbed her clit. He fucked Dakota in several positions, ending up with her flat on her back as he broke loose and came inside her tight, well-fucked pussy. That’s how you negotiate a good deal.


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