Sex Gangsters Review

Review: March 31, 2015
Sex Gangsters

Sex Gangsters is an online multiplayer game that you can play absolutely free of charge (with the exception of buying things in the game if you choose to). I have to admit, this site is different than many I've reviewed. This game, Sex Gangsters, brings you a fun, cartoon like game that brings you a combination of sex, fights and running various businesses like a gangster. I swear you've seen nothing like it. Read the Sex Gangsters review to find out more below.


Overall rating7.5

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Sex is a well designed site, for being a cartoon site that is. You're going to land on the page and wonder what's going on at first. The first thing that happens is that you're walking in on an old man who's fucking a girl. He offers you money and tells you to basically fuck girls the way you want and enjoy your life. Being as I never knew what the site was before reviewing it, I was kind of thrown off by what was expected of me.

The gameplay is all done in simple cartoon animations and there's a full fledged story and motive behind everything you do. The basic jist of this game is that you want to acquire more women, upgrade their wardrobes, upgrade your own wardrobes and acquire money and businesses. One way you generate money is through the business. The other way is by fighting other groups (which is the multiplayer portion of this game) just like yours.

I have to admit, the game is pretty interesting considering how much time they must have spent designing and programming it. What my problem with the game is, it lacks focus and clear explanation. You are going to find yourself scratching your head a few times until you understand the game. And once you do understand the game, you're going to want to know why you're even playing it. I guess it's a decent way to pass some time, but there's no real reward for playing it and "fighting" other groups like yours for fake items and money which inherently improve your groups skills and attributes. Perhaps I'm being a scrooge about this and need to learn how to appreciate games like this. "To each his own" is what I say sometimes with things like this.

One thing I didn't like is that you CAN choose to pay real money for fake money within this game. The problem is, I find myself zero drive to play as there's no real life rewards to winning.

Amount of content: A Full Fledged Multiplayer Game
Update frequency: n/a
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: n/a
Video types: n/a
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: Yes

Conclusion is a great try at a cartoon game that you can play absolutely free of charge if you wish. You can also pay for items and cash within the game too if you fancy doing so. I played the game and was fairly confused but after 25 minutes, I kind of figured out what the whole objective was. I don't think it'll attract many players as the gameplay was kind of hard to follow and the benefits or rewards of playing weren't enough.

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