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Review: August 8, 2006
Nude Blonde

The main page of this website is clean, a couple of large pictures show you a beautiful horny blonde and one while she is playing with a dildo, the other one shows her eyes watching you while her pussy is open wide and she is touching it with a finger. In the second free page you have a taste of a couple of hardcore pictures so let's take a look inside this website now!


Overall rating6.5

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This website guarantees 1000's of hours of video, over 20,000 xxx images, stories and private live chats; going inside the members area you can see lots of banners whick belong to other websites, it seems that there is no concrete single content in it. There is a frame on the left side, connecting you with the real section of Nude The main menu contains chat, ezine, favorites, games, live, other, personals, photos, stories, toons and videos.

Clicking on "photo" at the bottom you will find in a list where there are lots of links taking you to a photo gallery; each one is described by a title and a short description, but there is no preview pic, you can find one or two galleries inside; anyway sets are rich and the quality of the pics is high, you can save pictures only by opening them one by one but I must tell you that the topic is not blonde girls!! You can find hardcore sets but pornstars are both blonde and brunettes, some of them are hot famous actresses but from the tour I had the impression that this was a blondes only website!

The video section is organized at the same way, you will find in a list with some links connecting you with other websites and inside each one of them you can watch a movie or some movies (it depends by the website) but you can't download clips, you have to watch them in streaming only, and the quality of the images disappointed me. Of course, no clips belonged to Nude and this is pretty bad if you ask me.

There is a rich toons section, with images, episodes and funny drawings, of course they are all sites not belonging to Nude Blonde. I have tried the chat zone too, there is a streaming image of a girl but it seems she could not read what I wrote and another man answered me asking if I was a girl! Looking at stories, the content inside is enough and it is divided in categories, so you can decide what to read!


In my opinion this is a ghost web site, really bad organized and with content that belongs to other websites. Quality of streaming clips is low while photo sets are rich and nice! The content of the tour, where content seems to be all about blonde beautiful girls! So this is not a blonde website, it is just an hard core on and price is too high in my opinion so be careful!

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