Doctor Lucia Review

Review: March 30, 2012
Doctor Lucia

Let's see here- There are some sites in the crazy world of porn that I have trouble describing and Doctor Lucia is one of them. Apparently, Dr Lucia is some sort of sex therapist that really likes to work in the nude and get fucked in the process. The male models here don't seem to have sexual problems that require a doctor but they won't walk away without a complete physical just in case!


Overall rating6.5

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I want to be able one day to attend a site production meeting in Eastern Europe. For some reason, that deep dark corner of the world produces some of the strangest content on the web. I would love to hear someone in the meeting pitch the idea for this site! It would probably go something like this-

"Ok look guys! My Grandma really needs a job. She is a bit heavy and really could use more hair but she will gladly eat a fat cock and take one in the ass. Can we make this happen? Do we have a deal?"

If you happen to be a young Euro male that is hung like a donkey in a Tijuana sex club and you have sexual issues of some sort, you can turn to DoctorLucia for advice. You will arrive in her office which for some reason has a checkered floor and you will sit as she speaks to you briefly about your medical concerns. At that point you might think that she will pull out a prescription pad and offer up some Viagra or something but that is not the case. Instead, the good doctor gets naked to showcase her 300 pounds or so of sexual temptation and proceeds to work with you to cure whatever the hell is wrong with you.

Be advised- You will not have to take a thermometer in the ass but you will most likely have to put your dick in the doctor's ass.

At this point, there are nine content sets on the site and it appears to updating on a regular basis. Each set features an HD video sized to 1920x100 pixels that can be streamed or downloaded and a set of high res photos sized to an average of 1536x1024 pixels that can viewed on the site or downloaded in .Zip files.

I am not a major fan of the content here but if you like mature sluts, you may love it. The quality is quite good and some of the male models are quite good-looking. Have fun with this one! Let it cure you of that erection and sexual tension!

Conclusion is not a site that everyone in the world will appreciate but I could see it generating a fan base. One solid bonus here is that if you get bored with the doctor you can flip over to one of several bonus sites. Most are featuring similar content involving mature MILF action and they are all very nasty and very hardcore. Take the time to check this collection of sites out. Don't be afraid of visiting the doctor!

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