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Review: July 9, 2014
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Dirty Garden Girl.com might want to put a warning sign on its splash page. Why? This place is shocking and freaky and frankly, a little gross. Those things are exactly what are going to appeal to connoisseurs of fetish insertions, anal extremism, and all manner of porn that involves shoving objects in to the orifices of women. This hardcore site should be heaven to some, but you definitely are going to want to be in to the extreme insertion fetish. This place is not for the faint of heart.


Overall rating7.5

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Dirty GardenGirl.com is the home page of the eponymous Dirty Garden Girl. I'm not sure why she uses that name, but the dirty part is dead on accurate. She's a 40-something brunette with a penchant for inserting huge objects in to her ass, pussy, and mouth; and wild, rough sexual encounters. I've seen a lot of porn out there, but not a whole lot that gets as nasty and cringe-y as this site. That said, if this is your kink, I also don't think there's much better.

Let's start with the star of the show, Dirty Garden Girl herself. I actually am not a fan of her looks, to be honest. She's a plain-jane woman who is just this side of skanky. If you're looking for a beauty, this is not the place to be. She's not ugly; she's just not a hottie.

That said, the content here, for what it is, is outstanding. What you're getting is videos and photos that feature things like huge dildos being shoved in asses and pussies (and sometimes mouths); huge pussy gapes and stretching; some mild BDSM and insertive sexual interaction; fisting and double fisting; and the piece de resistance, anal and even cervical prolapsing. To be honest, even that description doesn't do this place justice. There is one video here that shows a girl shoving her arm up to the elbow in another girl's ass. Literally.

I have to caution you; this is extreme stuff. It's shocking to see a girl's anus prolapse several inches. To be honest, it kind of grossed me out. However, if this is your kink, it's very well done. It gets even better when other models join in, and some of them are pretty hot.

The site is as usable as it needs to be. It has a simple user interface and content is laid out in linear fashion, with pic links and descriptions. Resolution on everything is crisp, and it all loads and plays quickly. One note; no downloads are allowed.

Amount of content: 197 videos/184 photosets
Update frequency: 10x/month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: 1800x1200px
Available for mobile: No


For a walk on the really wild side, take a stroll into the jungle with Dirty Garden Girl. She's honestly one of the most extreme insertion and orifice-play models I've ever seen. She's not the hottest, but she knows her way around a speculum. Toss in a few hot friends here and there, and the talent works well. Whatever; in a site like this, it's the content that sells, and this stuff is rock solid. Add in a simple site layout, plus a few decent bonuses, and this deserves thumbs up.

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