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Review: February 18, 2013
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Cum Countdown

Apparently the space shuttle isn't the only thing that some people like to see counted down to...and that's where Cum Countdown "comes" in. It's a pretty narrow niche site... it's full of girls humiliating the viewers through verbal humiliation and orgasm delay and denial via the "cum countdown." It's a very simple site with a simple premise, it's not hard to get around it, and the quality is pretty good. If you like being put down by young, pretty girls, and paying for the privilege of doing so, then start the Cum Countdown!


Overall rating7.3

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I'm always amazed at the ways that guys can get off... and adds to those ways. It features (mostly) hot young chicks teasing and taunting their members/"pay pigs". I'd call this "humiliation lite," and its main hook is that every video ends in the model counting down to when the viewer is allowed to come.

The setup of the site is simple. Once you log in, you're presented with a list of videos (available in various formats/speeds, up 1080p HD). Click your choice of speed/format, and the video opens up...voila.

So navigation in that regard is easy, but that's all there is...there are no search/sort features. You have to poke around to find what you like here. Some more navigation tools would be nice.

What the site presents are young chicks acting the "brat" for men who want to experience virtual humiliation. The quality of girls (the site uses about 10 models) is mixed, but it's mostly good. I really like Vanessa, Holly, and Elle a lot, but the models vary in their ability to pull this kink off. Mostly they come off well, but on occasion, it comes off a little stilted....thus the "humiliation lite" comment above. That was also because I wouldn't say this is over-the-top humiliation. It's lots of teasing/taunting (small penis, foot worship, financial dom, and other stuff in this vein), but I've seen more hardcore virtual humiliation. Also...there is very little nudity. It's pretty softcore for the most part.

There is not really any bonus content...the closest thing they offer is that you can pay to request their models to make custom videos (ranging in price from $200-400). There are a few of these custom videos on the site.

Oh...a few sundry comments...there are no flash streams, so you're at the mercy of watching a sometimes-slow WMV. I had trouble with the high-def mp4 as well. Minor issues, but worth mentioning.

Amount of content: 178 videos
Update frequency: 3 times a week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px HD
Video types: wmv and mp4
Photo resolution: 1920x1080px
Available for mobile: Yes


3,2, 1, blastoff! If you want to explore the whole world of female domination, but aren't sure it's for you, CumCountdown might be a good beginner site. There could be some improvements (navigation could be better, for example), but overall, there is some decent content here. I do wish there was a trial for the uncertain...there is not much in the way of preview material. That said, I don't know of any other site where the model controls your orgasms via a countdown. That might be worth it to some of you "pay pigs!"

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