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Review: September 5, 2006
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Asian Frenzy

You know, during the last few years we have seen any kind of site popping up and I have also noticed that there have been really many asian sites, in fact today I was browsing around and I found this site: Asian Frenzy and I thought that it was a good idea to write a review of it. As you can see from the tour, it's a bit hard to say what we are going to find inside but as usual, there is just one way to find that out, read the review below!


Overall rating6

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I have said that a thousand times, but I don't really like when a site's members area opens a new window, and once again, this is what happens with this site. Anyway, in the second page which opens, there is a link which loads up the actual members area and at the top of the page there is a warm welcome message for all new members; then just by scrolling down the page a little bit there are some asian plug ins and extras, I decided to check out Asian Hot Bodies right away.

The link opened in a new window and the content is provided by Ultimate Feeds, the main page is all red (color of passion) and then there is a link for entering the following page, let's see what we have there. In the page there are 13 asian girls and each one has a small preview image, once you click on it, you will get taken to her personal page where you have her content, both photos and videos are available for each girl. After clicking your bandwidth, the video will start playing, in this video there was this asian chick that was getting all teasy by the fireplace and she was slowly taking off her clothes, quality of the clip looks good overall and you can also switch to full screen eventually.

Still in that page, there is also a link for the picture gallery with this asian chick and the gallery has many pics, in the gallery you will see her getting naked outdoors and having fun in front of the camera, quality of the full sized photos looks good overall.

Back to the main page, there are several other links and at the left of the screen there is the Main Menu where you have the following: Chat, Ezine, Favorites, Games, Live Shows, Other, Personals, Stories, Toons and Video. I jumped to the videos and there are lots of feeds, I checked out "I Love Asian Ass" which opened a new page where you have a high definition video player, the interface looks good and after a few moments you will start watching hot asian videos.


The members area of Asian Frenzy has lots of links but I think that it's easy to get lost just because there is just too much stuff and it's not organized very well. Out of all the links that are available, I liked Asian Hot Bodies but the content is definitely not enough. Eventually I suggest you to click Asian Videos were you find some other asian sex videos...some of the video links were not working either.

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